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Third Party Internet Sites

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Room Rate

  • Prices indicated in our RESERVATION SECTION are based on per unit per night basis.


  • Booker must be 18 years old and above in order to book room accommodation, packages displayed in reservation section.


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  • If you are under the age of 18, you may only use our websites with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Early Check-in (Accommodation Related Information)

  • In cases relating to early check out or changes to period/length of stay, the Hotel will not refund the paid balance unutilized (or immaterialized) room nights.

Check-in Requirements (Accommodation Related Information)

  • Check-in registration guest(s) must be 18 years of age and above. Otherwise, he/she must be accompanied with either parents / roommates age above 18 years old.
  • Upon check-in at Front Desk, guests must provide the booking confirmation details (i.e.: confirmation number (booking reference number), check-in date, and book name) and a valid identification card together with a credit card imprint or equivalent to cover the incidental charges.

Promotion Information

  • The Hotel Site,, may display or provide information regarding specific programs, offers, or promotions (“News & Promotions”). Any information of promotional programs, offers and/or promotions are subject to its specific terms and conditions.
  • We urge you to read the terms and conditions of each promotional offers. MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA reserves the right to amend or withdraw any promotional programs, offers or promotions at any time without notice.

Miscommunications / Lost Transaction

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Browsing Anonymously

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Personal Data

  • The term "personal data" refers to personal information (i.e.: name, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, etc) identifying you as an individual. Collection of personal data from you is made only through room reservation section (of, and we ask you to voluntarily supply us with the needed information to process your room bookings.
  • To make accommodation reservation at Mahkota Hotel Melaka, you required to provide certain ‘personal information’ (i.e.: name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) about yourself. In addition, such ‘personal information’ may be disclosed to us during or as a consequence of our providing services to you.
  • Submission of incomplete information might result our Reservation Department to not to process your room bookings or error in processing your room reservations.
  • The use of your submitted personal information is for the Hotel to process your room bookings; your personal information is store in the database in Mahkota Hotel Melaka. It is for the purpose of providing our product & services to you.
  • By making a reservation at MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA and/or using this website you consent to these terms and conditions. However, this shall not affect your rights in relation to your personal data which are explained below:-

Data Privacy - Privacy Notice

  • To make accommodation reservation at Mahkota Hotel Melaka, you required to provide certain personal information about yourself. In addition, such personal information may be disclosed to us during or as a consequence of our providing services to you.
  • By making a reservation at MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA and/or using this website you consent to these terms and conditions. However, this shall not affect your rights in relation to your personal data which are explained below.

(Bahasa Version) Privasi Data - Notis Privasi

  • Untuk sebarang tempahan penginapan di Hotel Mahkota Melaka, anda dikehendaki memberi maklumat peribadi tertentu tentang diri anda. Selain itu, maklumat peribadi itu boleh didedahkan kepada kami semasa atau akibat daripada kami menyediakan perkhidmatan kepada anda.
  • Dengan membuat tempahan di HOTEL MAHKOTA MELAKA dan / atau menggunakan laman web ini, anda bersetuju dengan terma dan syarat. Walau bagaimanapun, ini tidak menjejaskan hak anda berhubung dengan data peribadi anda seperti diterangkan di bawah.

Information / Personal Data

  • The term "personal data" refers to personal information identifying you as an individual. Collection of personal data from you is made only through room reservation section (of, and we ask you to voluntarily supply us with the needed information to process your room bookings.

(Bahasa Version) Maklumat / Data Peribadi

  • Istilah "data peribadi" merujuk kepada maklumat peribadi untuk mengenal pasti anda sebagai seorang individu. Pengumpulan data peribadi daripada anda dibuat hanya melalui sebahagian tempahan bilik (dari, dan kami memohon anda menyalurkan maklumat yang diperlukan secara sukarela bagi tujuan memprocess tempahan bilik anda.

Types of Personal Information We Collect

The types of personal data that we process includes:-

  • your personal details (i.e.: name and identification card number etc.), contact information, passport and visa information.
  • guest stay information, date of arrival and departure, goods and services purchased, special requests made, observations about your service preferences, telephone numbers and faxes and telephone messages received;
  • your credit card details, membership information, account details, profile or password details and any frequent flyer or travel partner programme affiliation;
  • any information necessary to fulfill special requests (for example, leisure, travel and guest preferences); your reviews and opinions about our services;
  • information collected through the use of closed circuit television systems and other security systems.

(Bahasa Version) Jenis Maklumat / Data Peribadi Yang Pihak Hotel Kumpulan

Jenis-jenis data peribadi yang kami memproses termasuklah:-

  • Butir-butir peribadi anda (iaitu: nama dan nombor kad pengenalan dan lain-lain), maklumat berkenaan pasport dan maklumat visa.
  • Maklumat penginapan tetamu, tarikh ketibaan dan berlepas, barang-barang dan perkhidmatan yang dibeli, permintaan khas, pemerhatian tentang pilihan perkhidmatan anda, nombor telefon dan faks dan mesej telefon yang diterima;
  • Butir-butir kad kredit anda, maklumat keahlian, butiran akaun, profil atau kata laluan butiran dan sebarang risalah atau rakan kongsi perjalanan yang kerap program gabungan;
  • Apa-apa maklumat yang diperlukan untuk memenuhi permintaan khas (contohnya, riadah, perjalanan dan tetamu pilihan); ulasan dan pendapat mengenai perkhidmatan kami anda;
  • Maklumat yang dikumpul melalui penggunaan sistem televisyen litar tertutup dan sistem keselamatan lain.

Where Do We Collect / Obtain Your Information From?

  • We may receive information / personal data about you directly from you when you submit information to us through the MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA Website, to make a reservation, and during your stay at MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA.

(Bahasa Version) Dimana Kami Kumpul / Mendapatkan Maklumat Anda?

  • Kami mengumpulkan data peribadi maklumat / tentang anda secara langsung daripada anda apabila anda menyerahkan maklumat kepada kami melalui Laman Web HOTEL MAHKOTA, MELAKA (, untuk membuat tempahan, dan semasa tinggal di HOTEL MAHKOTA, MELAKA.

Why Do We Hold and Use Information / Personal Data For?

We may use your information for a number of purposes which are outlined below:

  • Provision of the Hotel’s services and/or products to you.
  • To administer and maintain the Hotel’s general guests records.
  • To ensure service offer the hotel guests continues to be appropriate to their needs’
  • To respond to any query that may raise with The Hotel.
  • To study on market survey, trend analysis.
  • To provide safety and security of guests.
  • Facilitate direct marketing, promotional and customer management purposes, including sending you sales promotional communications or special offers if you have consented to receive the same.

(Bahasa Version) Kenapa Kita Menyimpan dan Menggunakan Maklumat / Data Peribadi Anda?

Kami mungkin menggunakan maklumat anda untuk beberapa tujuan seperti yang dinyatakan dibawah:

  • Penyediaan perkhidmatan dan / atau produk Hotel kepada anda.
  • Untuk mentadbir dan menyelenggarakan rekod umum pihak Hotel ini tetamu.
  • Untuk memastikan kualiti perkhidmatan ditawarkan kepada tetamu hotel bersesuaian dengan keperluan mereka tetamu pihak Hotel.
  • Untuk menjawab sebarang pertanyaan yang boleh ditimbul kepada pihak Hotel.
  • Untuk kaji selidik pasaran dan analisis trend.
  • Untuk menyediakan keselamatan tetamu.
  • Memudahkan pemasaran langsung, promosi dan tujuan pengurusan pelanggan, termasuk menghantar anda risalah komunikasi promosi atau tawaran istimewa jika anda telah bersetuju untuk menerima yang sama.

Who Holds Your Information / Personal Data?

  • Your information will be held by the Hotel, Mahkota Hotel Melaka.
  • MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA is the owner of the website,
  • The Hotel, as data controller, processes your personal data in the purposes of bookings and guests management, billing and payment, and satisfaction enquiries. The data are intended to the Hotel as service provider.
  • The Hotel will not disclose your Personal Information to third parties; MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA does not permit the sale or transfer of personally identifiable information to third parties.
  • All information / personal data collected is store at Melaka, MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA database.

(Bahasa Version) Siapakah Akan Memprocesskan Maklumat Anda / Data Peribadi?

  • Maklumat anda akan disimpan dan diprocess oled Hotel Mahkota, Melaka.
  • HOTEL MAHKOTA MELAKA adalah pihak Hotel, dan pemilik laman web,
  • Hotel, sebagai pengawal data, memproses data peribadi anda dalam maksud tempahan dan pengurusan tetamu, bil dan pembayaran, dan pertanyaan kepuasan. Data yang dikumpulkan adalah bertujuan untuk manfaat pihak Hotel sebagai pembekal perkhidmatan.
  • Hotel ini tidak akan mendedahkan Maklumat peribadi anda kepada pihak ketiga; HOTEL MAHKOTA MELAKA tidak membenarkan penjualan atau pemindahan maklumat peribadi kepada pihak ketiga.
  • Semua maklumat / data peribadi dikumpul di pangkalan data HOTEL MAHKOTA MELAKA saja.

Data Security

  • To maintain the accuracy of your personal data, as well as preventing unauthorised access to and ensuring the correct use of your personal data, we have carried out appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure the personal data we collect. These measures are subject to ongoing review and monitoring. Whilst we make every effort to protect your personal data, no security measures can guarantee that your personal data and information will not be subject to interference, misuse or hacking and we shall not be responsible for any loss, misuse or alteration arising as a result of such incidents.

(Bahasa Version) Keselamatan Maklumat / Data Peribadi Anda

  • Untuk mengekalkan ketepatan data peribadi anda, serta mencegah akses tanpa kebenaran kepada dan memastikan penggunaan yang betul bagi data peribadi anda, kami telah menjalankan langkah-langkah fizikal, elektronik dan pengurusan yang sesuai untuk melindungi dan menjamin data peribadi yang kami kumpulkan. Langkah-langkah ini adalah tertakluk kepada kajian dan pemantauan yang berterusan. Walaupun kami berusaha untuk melindungi data peribadi anda, ada langkah-langkah keselamatan yang boleh menjamin bahawa data peribadi anda dan maklumat tidak akan tertakluk kepada gangguan, penyalahgunaan atau penggodaman dan kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kehilangan, penyalahgunaan atau pengubahsuaian yang timbul akibat daripada insiden tersebut.

Update of Information / Personal Data

  • Should you wish to update your personal data relating to your profile held in our database maintaining our hotel guests’ information, please e-mail to
  • We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of such access request. As indicated above, requests for access/update your personal information must be submitted in writing. When communicating your request, please ensure to include your full name, address and telephone number so we can ascertain your identity, and specify clearly the type of enquiry and the original source of data collection.

(Bahasa Version) Pertukaran Maklumat / Data Peribadi

  • Sekiranya anda ingin mengemaskini data peribadi anda yang berkaitan dengan profil anda pada pangkalan data kami, sila e-mel kepada
  • Kami berhak untuk mengenakan bayaran yang munasabah untuk segala urusan yang berkaitan akses tersebut. Seperti di atas, permintaan untuk akses / mengemaskini maklumat peribadi anda perlu dihantar secara bertulis. Apabila berkomunikasi permintaan anda, sila pastikan untuk memasukkan nama penuh, alamat dan nombor telefon supaya kami boleh memastikan identiti anda, dan menyatakan dengan jelas jenis siasatan dan sumber asal pengumpulan data.

Your Consent

  • Your use of MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA Website and/or application to make a reservation at MAHKOTA HOTEL MELAKA ( indicates your acceptance of this terms & conditions. If we change our privacy policy we will post the changes on this page and may place notices on other pages of the website, so that you may be aware of the information we collect and how we use it at all times.

Kebenaran Anda

  • Penggunaan laman Web HOTEL MAHKOTA MELAKA dan / atau aplikasi untuk membuat tempahan di HOTEL MAHKOTA MELAKA (melalui menunjukkan penerimaan anda terhadap terma & syarat kami. Jika pihak Hotel mengubah dasar privasi kami, kami akan maklumkan perubahan di halaman ini dan boleh meletakkan notis pada laman-laman lain laman web, supaya kamu mengetahui maklumat yang kami kumpulkan dan bagaimana kami menggunakannya pada setiap masa.

Alternatively, you may download the below for further details.



  • All information displayed on is accurate at the time of update. As information is accessed from the Hotel, we neither guarantee the accuracy of information nor aware to guarantee that this site is free of errors or faults.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to change/update information displayed on our site (including these terms and conditions) at any time without notice, together with the right to change the content, products and services described on
  • Mahkota Hotel shall not have liability for any loss arising out of or in connection with the use of the website.
  • Users must protect their technical equipments against viruses and/or phishing, and Mahkota Hotel Melaka shall not have liability in this respect.
  • Usage of (mobile version) applies to the updated PRIVACY & TERMS OF USE of the Site, desktop version.



  • Accommodation payment must be made through hotel website ( at the time of reservation, and shall agree to make payment via debit (as deposit) to the nominated credit card. Debited amount will be based on 50% of total amount (includes service charge & government taxes) on our booking page prior clicking “Confirm Reservation” button. This allows the Hotel to guarantee the payment amount relating to services used at the Hotel.
  • Valid credit card is required to process payment. Thus, we will update your credit card information directly into our hotel payment gateway system.
  • Credit card charges with foreign exchange rates will be charged base on exchange rate of the credit card holder’s bank. Credit card holder’s service provider might impose foreign exchange fee(s) and other fees.

Credit Card Refunds

  • All refunds in the event of cancellation, amendments, or early check-out will be credited to your credit card account within 14 business days.

Cancellation / No Show

  • Valid credit card is required to guarantee room reservation. The Hotel will collect deposit on total confirm room bookings made, 100% (based on total room charges, which includes service charge & government taxes).
  • Should any confirm accommodation booking is cancelled 3 days prior to arrival (check-in) date, the Hotel will refund deposit of less than MYR30.00 per night as administration charges.
  • Any cancellation less than 3 days prior to arrival (check-in) date or no show, deposit shall be deem non-refundable. The balance due 1 night room fee will be charged as cancellation/no show fee.
  • Reservation made is guaranteed for arrival on check-in date only.
  • In the event of no-show or late cancellation (less than 24 hours prior to arrival day) the cost will be charged to the credit card holder.

Credit Card Information

  • Provided Credit Card information is used to expedite your reservation. You will be solely responsible for updating any credit card information that you provide, and such information may only be maintained until the expiration date of the credit card. You acknowledge that Mahkota Hotel Melaka may communicate this information for the purpose of facilitating accommodation reservations.